DFOby Mario Stinger – book review


“The grass is always greener on the other side,” as they say. That’s the first thing that pertained to my mind halfway with this book. It actually sealed the idea by the time I completed it.

Envision there’s a device that can provide you all the info that you want about anything that you’re focusing your gaze at in the blink of an eye, at the speed of thought. It’s a device that you put on and you can use it basically hands complimentary.

Imagine that this device is in the possession of a few helpless people. Lanky individuals. Slender people handling the field of science and who have very little to no combat experience or means to protect themselves physically. And these people use that gadget for study and other boring pursuits.

You understand you can make use of that gizmo for something much better. To identify a terrorist for a substantial bounty or public recognition possibly, or the combination to a bank safe so you can have the funds for that luxury cruise you have actually been imagining.

Would you take it from them?

This book takes on the element of greed, mostly. People are naturally opportunistic and this book rather delves into that part of our minds. It’s a reflection of who we are. We want. We hunger for wealth, understanding, power, or even longevity.

We want to do great in this world, however, exactly what constitutes “good?” Does it apply to everyone or to a select few?

This book raises a lot of valid questions about our views in life and about the means we ought to conduct ourselves with respect to our current status. I have concerns with some of the characters as they seem extreme or one-dimensional, but I ‘d let it slide as I think there’s even more space for more development in the future.

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